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“When your mind is racing, step back onto the breath”

Tech Detox: Rediscovering Calm in a World of Constant Connection

We scroll, we swipe, we refresh. Our lives have become intertwined with screens – phones, laptops, TVs, and even smartwatches. While technology brings incredible benefits, the constant stream of information, notifications, and comparisons can leave us feeling overwhelmed, distracted, and strangely disconnected from the present moment. A tech detox offers a powerful way to hit […]

Unlocking the Power of Self-Love

In a world that constantly tells us to strive for more, be better, and compare ourselves to others, it’s easy to forget the most important relationship we have – the one with ourselves. Self-love is the foundation of well-being, yet it’s often overlooked or misunderstood. What is Self-Love? Self-love is more than just bubble baths […]

Meditation for Beginners: Finding Calm in Calgary

Life in Calgary can be exhilarating – the vibrant city energy, the stunning natural surroundings, and a fast-paced lifestyle. But all that bustle can sometimes leave us feeling a little frazzled. Meditation offers a powerful way to find moments of stillness and reset amidst the chaos. If you’re new to meditation, don’t worry – it’s […]

Building Resilience with Meditation: Finding Strength in the Face of Challenges

Life is unpredictable. We all experience setbacks, disappointments, and unexpected hardships. Resilience is our ability to bounce back from these challenges, to adapt, and to keep moving forward. It’s a crucial skill for navigating life’s ups and downs, and meditation can be a powerful tool for cultivating it. How Meditation Builds Resilience Simple Meditation Techniques […]

The Art of Letting Go: Finding Freedom from Past Hurts

We all make mistakes. We get hurt, physically and emotionally. Sometimes, we even hold onto grudges that do nothing but weigh us down. The Canadian Mindfulness Research Center understands that the burdens of the past can heavily influence how we experience the present. Holding onto these negative experiences can manifest in our physical health and […]

Meditation for Anxiety & Depression: Finding Calm in the Storm

Anxiety and depression can feel like overwhelming storms within us. Racing thoughts, persistent worries, low moods, and a sense of hopelessness might make it difficult to imagine finding stillness and peace. But that’s where meditation can offer a lifeline. How Does Meditation Help? Simple Techniques to Get Started Important Notes: Remember, you are not alone. […]

Mindfulness for Busy Professionals in Calgary: Finding Calm in the Corporate Chaos

As a busy professional in Calgary, you know the drill – long hours, tight deadlines, and an endless stream of meetings and emails. The constant hustle can take a serious toll, leaving you stressed, overwhelmed, and struggling to stay focused. But here’s the secret. What is Mindfulness, Anyway? Mindfulness is the simple (yet surprisingly tricky) […]

The Art and Science of Self-Love Meditation: A Comprehensive Guide

In today’s fast-paced world, the concept of self-love has gained significant importance. As we navigate the challenges of daily life, it’s easy to forget to take care of the most important person in our lives – ourselves. Self-love meditation is a powerful practice that helps us reconnect with our inner selves, promoting mental and emotional […]

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