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“When your mind is racing, step back onto the breath”

About Canadian Mindfulness Research Center

About Canadian Mindfulness Research Center


Welcome to the Canadian Mindfulness Research Center: Exploring Mindfulness for Well-Being

“Welcome to the Canadian Mindfulness Research Center – your premier destination for cutting-edge mindfulness research and resources in Canada. Our center is dedicated to advancing the understanding and application of mindfulness practices, and we are committed to providing support to individuals, organizations, and communities in integrating mindfulness into their lives. Through workshops, conferences, and collaborations, we foster a sense of connection and shared learning. By building a network of like-minded individuals, we inspire positive change on both individual and societal levels.

Our Center was formed in 2011 by Sanjeev Kumar and is located in Calgary (Canada). Here, we educate people who are struggling with anxiety, stress, depression, etc. Our goals are to improve productivity, manage stress-free life, create self-love and compassion, maintain work-life balance, break down limiting beliefs, improve relationships, transcend ego, recharge our batteries and attract abundance into our lives. We educate others on how to slow down, pay attention, and watch their thoughts/emotions which are arising within them, instead of reacting. Therefore, we have to witness it without any reaction.

Most people are struggling with a busy or monkey mind because they are connected with many useless thoughts in the form of overthinking. We can help them to create powerful and awesome thoughts. We show them how to release stuck emotions, which they are holding in their life, through dynamic meditation practice.

We also educate people on how practical tools of mindfulness practice can help to dissolve negative emotions such as stress, jealousy, hate, anger, etc. This improves memory, attention, reduces mind wandering and distraction. Which allows them to be less busy, focus, and stay on task at work. We offer special courses for the Mindfulness Teacher Training Certificate Program, Mindfulness for Children/Adults. We offer collaboration/partnership opportunities as well with educational institutions, companies, and corporation. We believe that a journey to inner peace and well-being begins with mindfulness. Our dedicated space is a sanctuary where you can explore the transformative power of meditation.

We offer on workshops, classes, and retreats with corporate training Program. It is in Person and Online too. In our center, we offer private and group classes.

We mainly focus on breathing mediation practice.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to embark on this life-changing journey or seeking mindfulness solutions for stress relief and corporate wellness, you’ve come to the right place.

Unlock the Power of Mindfulness with the Canadian Mindfulness Research Center! Join us Today and Learn More!!”

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